When I’m hitting on the strings of love, it’s paradise. The feeling was so surreal that in that flicker of a moment, I didn’t realise I was lost. But then again, I was found. Coz it was music, that me took me to heaven and brought me back to reality.

I am not gonna dive into the sea of my stardom, just gonna be watching it from the shore

To be honest everyone out there is just waiting to pull you down. Rise to a place so high, that they can never even try to reach where you are

This journey, this life .. It’s all written. It’s how you read it, that makes all the difference

I May not be a firefighter or a policeman, but I’ll try my best to save you through my music

Ignore the people who have mistreated you in anyway. Seriously. They should feel so ignored that they won’t know how to even speak to you

Unless you believe you’re a legend, you won’t have a legend told ‘bout you”

Some People may put you down every time you do something, that you are proud of. Sometimes it pierces your heart, but that feeling is good. Coz that’s what will make you want to win those people over, the next time. And when you do, that is victory!

There Is So Much To Be Discovered So Much To Be Revealed. Nothing Should Happen All At Once.. Coz That’s Where Lies, The Beauty Of It All

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